Photo Station

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Photo Station

50's White Feather Boa
50's Red Feather Boa
Assortment of Feather Masks
Assortment of Inflatable Guitars
Giant Rock Star Microphone
Gold Star Shaped Shutter Shades
Silver Star Shaped Shutter Shades
Black Blues Brother Sunglasses

Assortment of Cowboy Hat
Assortment of Cowboy Bandanas
Mad Hatter Rock Star Hat
Hats from Around the World
Assortment of Mardi Gras Beads
Black Gangster Hats
Neon Gangster Hats
Felt Pirate Eye Patch

Pavon Photography is proud to present the addition of a Photo Station. It will take your wedding to an exiting new level of enjoyment. Young or old, this is something all your guests will be able to enjoy. In addition, they will go home with a photo of themselves from your event.

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